The Kopitiam HawkerBoss Program

Learn about the stories of grit, passion and community of our Kopitiam HawkerBosses here

This is an application for assessment on suitability to be part of the HawkerBoss Program.

Who we are looking for:​

  1. Aspiring hawkers who are interested in being the next generation of hawkerpreneurs or “hawkerbosses” in F&B.
  2. Existing hawkers with less than 3 existing stalls and looking to expand their current self-run business (subjected to food stall license guidelines)
  3. Willingness to commit to hiring min. 1 Singaporean or PR staff (full time/ part time) for the stall
  4. Singaporean, PR or non-Singaporeans who are qualified to run business in Singapore, 21 years old and above

Assessment Criteria for success:

  1. Food type and concept
  2. Food taste and quality
  3. Menu prices
  4. Motivation to start or expand a hawker/F&B business

What a successful hawkerboss can receive from the program.

Note that each HawkerBoss support package will be customised according to business needs:

  1. Access to stalls within the Kopitiam/FoodFare managed outlets. This could be in hawker centres, coffee shops, food courts in malls or hospitals etc.
  2. Rental and/or stall fee subsidies
  3. Manpower salary subsidies
  4. Access to marketing and branding expertise
  5. Access to raw material resourcing and supplies to improve COGS from FPG

Application and shortlisting process:

  • Interested applicants to submit their applications below.
  • Our team will be in contact with you if we need further information or if your application is shortlisted.