Stall located in Kopitiam Food Hall @ Jurong Point 1

GoodLife is a new hot pot brand which focuses on bringing a unique taste and experience that differs from conventional hot pot. The co-founder Crystal Luo is a veteran in the F&B industry and has vast experience in taste development, management and marketing.

Committed to changing the monotonous food type in local food court, GoodLife seeks to bring convenience for its customers by providing personalized hot pot that is filled with delicious ingredients. All the soup bases are boiled daily with fresh ingredients to maintain its quality.

The Dry Pot Chicken with Chilli 尖椒干锅鸡 is a must try dish that is cooked with a homemade secret sauce which blends exceptionally well with ingredients such as peppercorn, green chilli and old ginger. The dish is very appetising and has a good balance between numbing and spicy. The spiciness infused into the chicken will also have a pleasant aftertaste lingering in the mouth and is extremely addictive. The aromatic scent and delicious taste from the dish will definitely leave you wanting more!