The Dessert Shop, as the name suggests, is a one-stop shop for desserts. It is a well recognized name for desserts in Singapore with a proven and highly regarded track record in the industry.

A wide variety of more than 50 types of popular local hot and cold desserts are offered to cater to the different segments and tastes of customers, including tourists who have heard and are keen to taste our ‘world famous’ Ice Kachang and Bobo Chacha.

The Dessert Shop was set up in 1992 as a one-stop dessert shop offering more than 20 types of hot and cold desserts and has since grown to supply more than 60 outlets all over Singapore.

In 1997, The Dessert Shop moved into its present and larger plant of 4000 square feet, which enable it to increase the supply of its desserts and subsequently expand the range of desserts offered.

Most of the desserts are prepared daily and delivered fresh to customers, thus assuring of its quality.

The success of The Dessert Shop is also due to the continuous research, development and improvements of its products by its own R&D team. Besides offering all-time local favourites like Tou Suan, Bubor Hitam, Ice Kachang and Cheng Tng, The Dessert Shop has innovated new products like No. 1 Chendol and Esplanade Bobo Chacha into runaway success products.

Furthermore, The Dessert Shop popularized concepts like Ice Kachang Bar and Yuan Bar which were favourably received by customers. It is also first to introduced and adapt traditional desserts like Fen Yuan and Multi Grain Paste into Singapore which were warmly accepted locally.