The Sengkang (translated as "prosperous harbour" in Chinese) estate used to be a busy little trading port for pepper and other exotic Asian spices.

Modern day Sengkang is vastly different. Kopitiam City recreates the hustle and bustle of the trading "port" by offering a one-stop station with 10 retail stores, 26 food stalls and 2 restaurants to cater to the needs of the residents nearby.

Located just above Buangkok MRT Station on the North-East Line, it is easily accessible.

Retail Tenants
Bake Jane
Guardian Pharmacy
Nippon Home
Teck Aun Tong
Vison Care Optics
Prohealth Medical Group @ Buangkok Pte Ltd

Signature Food Trail at Kopitiam City

Kopitiam Food Shop @ Blk 275D
These are the stalls located there;

Ban Mian
Duck Rice / Kway Chap
Economical Rice
Fish Soup
Fishball Noodle
Indian Muslim Food
JK Food
Lai Heng Lakeview
Nasi Lemak
Nasi Padang
Roti Prata
Sergeant Chicken Rice
Soupmaster ( Chinatown)

Kopitiam City • Compassvale Link 277C/ 275D (above Buangkok MRT station)