FEAST @ Jurong Point, Level 3

Singapore’s 1st-of-its-kind Paging System – iPager
FEAST is set to revolutionize the dining scene in Jurong with the brand new Restaurant Queue Pager System – iPager, the first-of-its-kind in Singapore. Customers who select to dine in FEAST’s common dining hall can now sit comfortably whilst waiting to be paged. Shaped like a coaster, the iPager will allow customers to pick up their food orders from their preferred Restaurant when the iPager lights up. It is efficient and convenient.
Total Investment: $10,000.
FEAST – the Kopitiam Group’s First Multi-Restaurant Concept in Jurong Point
FEAST showcases Asian culinary fanfare from 5 local hawker greats to 8 Asian restaurants. Check out the medley of restaurants – a parade of Asian cultures and flavours from West Asia to East Asia, and True Singapore Taste all housed together in one chic restaurant premises.
Total Renovation Cost: $4 million (including tenants).
Located in Jurong Point’s new extension on Level 3 and it is easily accessible by Boon Lay MRT station and Boon Lay Interchange.
Signature Food Trail at FEAST
Sakura Halal Thai-Chinese Restaurant (Halal)
Sakura Cuisine Restaurant history dates back more than 15 years ago as West Coast Seafood where their clientele base made up of primarily Malays, Japanese and Chinese. Currently, there are 4 outlets in Singapore, namely at Far East Plaza (level 5), Northpoint (B1), Capitol Building (Street Level) and Kopitiam City (above Buangkok MRT), where they continue to thrive and prosper.
Sakura showcases Thai and Chinese street food cuisines and the menu boasts of more than 80 dishes to choose from. A team of Chefs from Thailand, Malaysia and China work together in harmony to present the most appetizing and delectable dishes.
Unlike most Thai restaurants, Sakura Restaurant’s décor is modern and contemporary.
Sakura Cuisine is halal certified by MUIS. Hence, they do not serve pork or alcohol. They are very popular with the Malay community in Singapore.
There are no service charges at Sakura chain of Restaurants.
Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant
Established in Chennai in the year 1964, Anjappar is the pioneer in bringing the food of the famed Chettiars to the people world around. Chettinaad is a region about 500km south of Chennai, the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
With more than 40 years of experience and 25 outlets to date,   Anjappar’s humble beginnings started in Chennai more than 40 years back offering the Chennaites some typical Chettinaad food. Anjappar became synonym for Chettinaad cuisine.
There are two outlets in Singapore, namely at Race Course Road and Syed Alwi Road. Anjappar offers a wide selection of Chettinaad cuisine, including about 12 different varieties of thosais, Indian breads, and of course the biriyanis.
Pepper Lunch
After years of success in Japan, Pepper Lunch, the D-I-Y casual steakhouse came to Singapore in 2005 and is now a popular place for steak lovers. Using premium beef from Australia and New Zealand, Norwegian salmon, selected chicken meat, freshly ground pepper and quality rice, Pepper Lunch delivers a sizzling meal served on our special iron hot plate.
We invite you to experience the fun of cooking your meal yourself. Whether it is Beef Pepper Rice with Garlic Soy Sauce, medium rare Pepper Steak or beautifully browned Hamburger Steak, you can now Sizzle it Your Way, only at Pepper Lunch.
To date, there are 15 outlets in Singapore, including Pepper Lunch Express.
Baek-Doo-San Korean Restaurant
Managed by the same owners of Woo Lee Korean Restaurant which was set-up in 1992 in Ansan City, South Korea, it embodies the same purpose of spreading Korean culinary art, while maintaining the cooking tradition and practices passed down from generations to generations.
Baek-Doo-San showcases authentic Korean cuisines with 90% of their ingredients directly imported from Korea and the menu boasts of the culinary expertise and masterful skills of a Master Chef, as well as the warm hospitable services of the Operations Manager, also from Korea.
Shou La Shou Beijing Restaurant
Shou La Shou Beijing Restaurant is the brainchild of restaurateur, Mr Fei Li Ming, previously an Executive Chef from Qingdao Guo Bin Hotel where his clientele included Chinese leaders, ventured to Singapore to set up shop. Shou La Shou Beijing Restaurant is currently located at 141 – 143 Jalan Besar.
His philosophy about his cuisine : “Fresh better than frozen, handmade better than machine-made”.
Shou La Shou showcases authentic Chinese cuisines and the menu boasts of the culinary expertise and masterful skills of a team of specialty chefs from Qingdao, China.
Founded in 1946 in the gourmet city of Tamade – Osaka, Botejyu has become one of the oldest and most popular Okonomiyaki restaurants in Japan over the past 60 years.
Botejyu was derived from “Bote” meaning “to flip over” in Japanese and “Jyu” the sizzling sound of the Okonomiyaki cooking on the Teppan grill. Put together, Botejyu illustrates the rhythm of making Okonomiyaki.
Ajisen Ramen
Originating from KUMAMOTO Japan, AJISEN RAMEN is famous for its white broth, made by simmering different kinds of bones and fishes for many hours. AJISEN RAMEN has been called the “King of White Broth.”  Tonkotsu soup is rich in collagen, a protein which is good for the skin. AJISEN’S emphasis on simple and hygienic preparation brings out very tasty and healthy noodles.
First opened in 1968, AJISEN RAMEN now has over 400 chains of restaurants worldwide. With restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, and throughout Japan, AJISEN RAMEN is the largest ramen shop chain in Japan today.
AJISEN serves TONKOTSU ramen with extensive garnishing in its ramen line-ups. The ingredients in the preparation of AJISEN RAMEN soup are imported from Japan. Briefly and lightly cooked, ramen noodles remain springy and smooth to the taste.
Java Village (Halal)
In the east of Indonesia’s most populous island, Java, is a little place called Java Village famed for its authentic ethnic cuisine. There, the local folk take pride in preparing dishes from closely guarded recipes of generations past. Many of the dishes loved by the rest of the region like Ayam Penyet, Gado Gado, and Nasi Kuning hale from this culinary hotspot.

Today, that flavour of East Java can be found at a restaurant named after this very place. At the Java Village Restaurant, warm Indonesian hospitality and lovingly prepared Javanese delights find their home. From the freshest ingredients, to spices flown from Indonesia – no expense has been spared to bring back the true taste of tradition.
For a taste of Indonesia, for a touch from the past – Java Village.
True Singapore Taste – Famous Hawker Fare
Set against a restaurant setting, there are 5 famous hawker stalls to choose from. Take your pick from a myriad of Local delights like 73+1 Teochew Fishball Noodle, Lakeview Lai Heng Char Kway Teow, Lau Di Fang Scissor Cut Curry Rice, Fatty Weng Fried Oyster Omelette & Fish Soup and Hong Lim Curry Chicken Noodle. Make a beeline to feast on delectable delights, and end your sumptuous meal on a sweet note with mouth-watering desserts or linger over an aromatic cup of local kopi.
Premium Kopitiam Card Discount Privileges (BLUE COLOUR)
Singapore’s 1st stored-value card is accepted at FEAST at Jurong Point. The Kopitiam Card entitles all customers to discount on all items, except promotional items, when paying with the Premium Kopitiam Card.
5% discount – 8 participating restaurants include : Sakura Halal Thai-Chinese Restaurant, Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant, Pepper Lunch, Baek-Doo-San Korean Restaurant, Shou La Shou Beijing Restaurant, Botejyu, Ajisen Ramen and Java Village.
10% discounts – participating tenants include : All Kopitiam food shop tenants.
Other Information :-
Operating Hours : 10am to 10pm daily.
Seating capacity : 716 seats.
Size of outlet : 16,950 square feet.
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