Our Strengths

Strong Brand Identity

Kopitiam places branding at the very heart of our corporate marketing strategies. Considerable effort has been put into the development of our brand identity and the building of our brand assets.

We believe that when companies build a future for their brands, they build a future for their companies. These investments in turn reward the company in terms of increased familiarity, preference and brand loyalty.

Proven Track Record

Our impressive record of accomplishments has constantly attracted offers from well-established developers for joint ventures in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, India and Europe.

Competency in Managing Diverse Portfolios

Being a local company, we have the inherent advantage of anticipating and understanding the demands of our local consumers better. While there is an element of consistency across our chain of eateries, they are not totally identical. Currently, we have a portfolio ranging from cafes, food courts, food shops to a food mall.

Expertise in Crafting Thematic Eatery
To stand out from competition and appeal to the fast-changing demands of consumers these days, it is crucial for any food service management company to be able to engage and retain its target segments with innovative concepts and themes.

Kopitiam is a forerunner in the race of thematic eateries since the 90s with our 'urban park' theme for Jurong Point and 'spice harbour' theme for Compass Point. A substantial amount of time and effort goes into animating eateries with distinctive identities and unique themes; often inspired by local, historical, social and cultural traditions. One of our success being the dialect-themed MeiShi MeiKe by Kopitiam outlet in Hougang Mall.

Distinctive Competitive Advantages
A proven business format, powered by our corporate branding strategies and our scale of operations, has created distinct competitive advantages for the Group. By leveraging on technology to improve the efficiency of operations and improved customer experience in the food courts, the Group has paved the path for modern food courts in the new millennium.

Professional Management Team
Staffed with MBA holders, graduates from various disciplines and an experienced management team from related industries, the Group forges a strong management foundation from which it is able to craft an independent, strategic and innovative approach to retail food concept development, planning, design, operations management and service quality management.

Systematic and Disciplined Management Approach
The food industry is an imprecise one due to its fluid, dynamic and competitive nature. This makes it even more crucial for us to adopt a systematic and disciplined management approach; be it from the inception of a project to on-going reviews, realignments of the various food facilities and regular professional audits of the organization’s operations.

Quality Food Vendors
Kopitiam scours islandwide and handpicks only the best in their fields, in terms of trade experience, food standards and proven track records, to fill our chain of eateries. As such, we have established a large pool of quality food operators and a wide range of food menu selections to pick from that best suited to our outlets’ themes and creative concepts.

Human Resource and People Development System
The single most important factor in differentiating one company from another is the knowledge and skills of its people. Most companies have access to more or less the same equipment, technology and facilities. It is how well these assets are used by people that gives a company its competitive edge over others.

Recognising that our people are our intellectual assets that appreciate over time, Kopitiam has implemented a total people development system to ensure that all of our staff (more than 1,000 in total), regardless of rank, has both the knowledge and skills to achieve better business performance and greater productivity; resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher returns to capital, propelling the company to even greater heights.

Service & Quality Audit
Since 2006, we rolled out a Service & Quality Audit Programme with dedicated staff to elevate the level of service and quality within the Group.

Revolutionary Cashless Dining
The Kopitiam Group is the first in Singapore to drive the cashless dining experience by introducing our Kopitiam Cards to our patrons. To date, we have over 1.8 millioncardholders.