In 1988, Kopitiam Investment Pte Ltd was set up in Singapore to secure a groundbreaking bid at S$2.1 million for a prime-site food shop (A True Singaporean Success Story) . Since then the company has expanded at a phenomenal rate.

Today, the Kopitiam Group is a leading name in the local food service management industry. Kopitiam outlets are reputed for providing a comfortable, modern dining experience along with the authentic taste of local and international fare - all at competitive prices. In addition, our Group pioneered the popular 24-hour food shop concept in 1988, setting off a culinary trend that has now become a norm in our city landscape.

Our success in revitalizing the flagship property, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market - a gazetted national monument of Singapore, with a revamped food mall concept in 1996 has been and is still a much talked-about achievement in the industry. We are also the first to introduce a full-fledged halal food court set-up in the market, with food selections as exciting and varied as the choices available in any other food courts.

Our key business model is to identify, select and align with the right tenant mix for each eatery, as well as to effectively manage the operations daily. Food stalls are leased to selected quality food vendors, while we direct the operations of all drinks, fruits and desserts stalls. As complementary business units, we established The Dessert Shop and The Pa Sat in 1992 and 1997 respectively. In 2006, The Pau Shop - Bao Luo Wan Xiang was established to serve up Hong Kong dim sum islandwide.

Our Group almost tripled its portfolio of outlets through the strategic acquisitions of 2 major competitors over a 13-month period from November 2001 to November 2002, at a period when the regional economy was at its wit's end.

The proven, successful track record of our business model has repeatedly invited offers from well-established developers and businesses for joint ventures or franchising rights from the world all over.