The 1st New Market and Food Centre in Sengkang Town Centre - Developed and Managed by Renaissance Properties Pte Ltd


Sengkang and Punggol residents can now enjoy a new market and food centre in the heart of Sengkang, called 'Kopitiam Square'. This modern market and food centre sets itself apart from its competitors by factoring in the needs and mindsets of the younger generation residing in Sengkang into its design and build. By providing patrons with a cashless dining experience (i.e. Kopitiam stored value card payment facilities), and housing the first air-cleaning system that removes unpleasant smells i.e. fish odour etc., customers will have a cleaner, fresher and more user-friendly environment to dine in. This in turn will draw in the younger crowd to eat and shop at Kopitiam Square with its modern facilities and huge array of food and beverages.


Sengkang's 1st Market cum Food Centre aims to be the focal point in the North-East precinct of Singapore , not only as a food and market centre but also as a community space where residents can gather and bond with family and friends. There are also plans for Sengkang Square to have activities promoting social interactivity i.e. having cooking classes in the market, where young couples can come together and learn to cook with fresh produce procured from the market.


There are 60 food stalls offering a good range of local hawker fare including the "must-have" chicken rice, bak kut teh, char kway teow, zi char, roti prata etc. Aside from competitive food prices, patrons also get to enjoy a further 10% cost savings when making payment with their Premium Kopitiam Cards at participating stalls.


Construction started in June 2009 and was completed on 14 December 2009.


Unique features at the new Market and Food Centre:

  • Technology - the first cashless payment in a market, food centre and carpark where patrons can pay for their purchases via the Kopitiam Stored Value Cards.

The first Mobile POS service in a food centre was launched at the new Food Centre where customers can pay with the Kopitiam Card. This is a handheld payment system which allows runners to be able to serve customers where they sit and pay with Singapore's first dining stored value card - Kopitiam Card. Rooftop Carpark Cashless Payment - drivers can also pay for carpark charges through the Kopitiam Card.

  • Air Cleaning System - 1st to be installed in a Market in Singapore

This air cleaning system built into the air extraction duct is very useful in extracting unpleasant smells like fish odours etc..

  • Uniforms

Hawkers and stallholders will wear standardized uniforms for a clean and neat professional look.

  • 24-hour Food Centre

50% of the food stalls will be operating 24-hours.

  • Market

The market stalls will operate till 9pm.

  • Experienced Management Team with a Centre Manager who will stay engaged with the residents.

Circulars will be sent regularly to the residents to inform them of upcoming activities and promotions at Sengkang Square.


Basic Information on Kopitiam Square - Sengkang's First Market and Food Centre :-

Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development & Education, and Mr Charles Chong, Adviser to Pasir Ris-Punggol GROs, graced the Grand Opening Ceremony on 10 January 2010.  

Facilities include : - 48 wet produce stalls - 12 lock-up shops - 60 cooked food stalls (including halal stalls) - 116 carpark lots with electronic carpark system complete with Kopitiam Stored Value Card payment facilities - Restrooms


Seating capacity : approx 1,200 pax.


Size of outlet : 64,584 square feet.