Bao Luo Wan Xiang started in January 2006 as a 20 metre long Hong Kong Dim Sum Street concept outlet at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market serving up steaming dishes of tasty Hong Kong Dim Sum, Roasted Dishes, Congee, Snacks, Desserts and Chinese Tea to the office crowd within CBD area and also tourists at Lau Pa Sat Festival Market.


More than 40 varieties of Baos, Dim Sum, and other Bakery delicacies are made fresh daily by The Pau Shop for Bao Luo Wan Xiang and other outlets. The favourite with our customers is the made-on-the-spot fresh and hot Chee Cheong Fun with prawn, char siew and scallop fillings.


The Pau Shop’s factory, occupying an area of 6000 square feet, was established in October 2007 to prepare and deliver daily fresh Baos, Dim Sum and Bakery items to more than 50 outlets in Singapore.


The Pau Shop has created new products such as bite-sized Char Siew Bao which have proven to be a hit with customers.


For trade enquiries, please write to Mr Yap Yeok Ying, Head Chef of The Pau Shop email: thepaushop@kopitiam.biz